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Welcome to the Ammara Nail Salon

Lucy invites you to visit the Ammara nail salon in Poole

The Ammara Nail Salon was opened in 2013 and since then has provided top class nail treatments to many loyal and very happy clients. You will find the salon in Oakdale, in Wingfield Avenue just off Dorchester Road.

Here at Ammara we offer a very welcoming and friendly environment. Lucy has been fully qualified in all nail treatments offered at Ammara and always provides a professional service with the utmost care to the natural nail. Treatments are non-invasive as no drills are used. Nails are hand filed so that the whole process is gentle and enjoyable!

POLICY UPDATES - Cancellation Policy

Please give us 24 hours notice when cancelling or changing your appointment so that we can offer it to other clients.

Failure to do so will result in a 50% non refundable booking fee to rebook a future appointment with us. It is a fact that no shows are killing small businesses across the UK. Please be aware that missing your nail or lash appointment may be the difference between a small business owner making a living this week or not!

Although we love little ones, for Health and Safety reasons and our insurance, we cannot have under 10's in the salon

Thankyou for your understanding.



If you haven't seen it - check out our Facebook award listing us as one of the TOP 3 NAIL SALONS in Poole! We are over the moon! Thanks to all our happy clients that have left such lovely reviews and comments.


Only the leading products are used to create beautiful, natural looking nail extentions. Maintenance should be approx every 2- 3 weeks depending on lifestyle.


Shellac nail polish is applied with the same method as normal nail polish but wears like a Gel. Shellac is dried using a UV lamp. It retains its glossy shine and can last chip free up to 14 days.


IBX is a professional salon service, a treatment that is applied to the natural nail which penetrates the nail plate and repairs the nail from within, providing strength and protection.

Eye lash extensions

are also available at the salon by kelly @ ammara - click here for prices